The Community

Indulkana Anangu School

The Indulkana Solar Weather Station was erected as a source of information and weather data for the students of the Indulkana Anangu School.

The Indulkana Anangu School is located approximately 575 km south of Alice Springs. The majority of students are indigenous Anangu and their first language is Pitjantjatjara or Yankunytjatjara; most students were only introduced to English when they began school.

The school supports the youths of the community with a positive learning environment and appropriate resources. The school staff are highly trained and respected individuals who are committed to building strong relationships with their students, families and the community at large. The school is strongly embedded in the community and supports the residents with a pre-school, a child and family centre, a trade learning centre for secondary students and work experience for older students.

The Indulkana Anangu School Values are:
  • Innovation
  • Grit
  • Action

The Indulkana Solar Weather Station and its sponsor, Two Men and a Truck, are proud to support the important work and educational foundation provided by the Indulkana Anangu School to the community.

The Indulkana Anangu School is part of the APY Lands.

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