Corporate and Social Responsibility

Moving Together is an environmental and community outreach program developed by Two Men and a Truck. It forms part of the company’s overall public relations activities. Essentially Moving Together is a corporate responsibility program encompassing environmental and social initiatives in three areas:

1) within our business (our people and the physical environment)

2) in our local community (sponsorship / fundraising / voluntary assistance with local community people)

3) in the wider community (sponsorship / philanthropy / raising awareness with national and international initiatives)

Moving Together with Two Men and a Truck

The weather station at Indulkana, in close association with the Indulkana School, addresses the third area of environment and social initiatives, as outlined by Two Men and a Truck’s corporate responsibility program: wider community sponsorship, philanthropy and raising awareness via national and international initiatives.

Two Men and a Truck are pleased to support the awareness of the APY lands, their community and their culture.

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