Inwantja Arts

Iwantja Arts is the beating heart of the Indulkana Community, offering their artist members opportunities for artistic and professional development, a sustainable income and economic independence.

Iwantja Arts is a not-for-profit, Aboriginal owned and operated corporation, managed by a Board of Directors. Through strong governance and increased opportunities, training and career development, the art centre encourages and fosters artistic excellence and cultural development within the community.

I started this place a long time ago, with my sister, she’s passed away now. We knew the community needed an Art Centre. A place where Anangu could work, make money, teach our young people, and keep our culture strong.

Mr Alec Baker – Found Director, Iwantja Arts

Regarded as one of the premier Indigenous owns and governed art centres in Australia, Iwantja Arts is renowned for its innovative projects which celebrate the Anangu culture and artistic excellence. Iwantja Arts is the community’s cultural and creative hub, allowing the older generation to pass traditional knowledge onto the younger generation, keeping traditional artistic methods alive while continuously supporting innovation and contemporary approaches.

Pieces from the Iwantja Arts Centre are held in many private and public collections throughout Australia, including a piece by Jimmy Pompey, which was purchased by Richard Kuiper and his wife, Cheryl, at a sold out exhibit.

Artist: Jimmy Pompey (above)
Part of the private collection of Richard and Cheryl Kuipers (below)

Richard and Cheryl are aware that the Indigenous art industry can be a challenging place for art lovers, collectors and the general public to navigate successfully. Ensuring that income and purchase profits return to the community, is an important part of being an ethical investor. Buying directly from arts centres guarantees that income is distributed to the artist and the artist-owned and run art centres, thus benefiting the artists, the centre and the community at large.

Inwantja Arts is a part of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in South Australia. To find out more about APY Lands, the culture and the people, click on the link.

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