What does the weather station do?

Indulkana Anangu School Weather Station, 2017

The weather station installed at Indulkana in 2017 is an Australian owned, designed and produced weather station from Environdata.

The ‘Automatic Weather Stations’, or AWS, measures and records weather data from its location.  Environdata’s weather stations are built tough to survive Australia’s harsh climate extremes. Their weather stations undergo strict design testing, will operate with minimal maintenance for long periods and the sensors can measure to Australian standards.

Weather Reports

The weather station at Indulkana measures and reports on the following:

  • Air Temperature in celcius
  • Rainfall in millimeters
  • Peak wind gust in kilometres per hour
  • Wind speed in kilometres per hour
  • Battery power in volts
  • Dew point in celcius
  • Evaporation in millimetres per hour
  • Relative humidity in percentage
  • Vector wind direction
  • Solar radiation in watts per meters squared

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